Code Kit

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Code Kit

The Code Kit is specifically designed for teaching coding, featuring the brand-new Code Bit and LED Matrix. The Code Bit is programmable by the official littleBits App to coordinate other Bits. The kit includes 16 Bits and 30 Accessories, 4 default games and inventions, a detail Quick-Start Guide and more teaching materials and inventions in littleBits’ community.

  • The Code Kit includes 1 usb power, 2 button, 1 dimmer, 1 slide dimmer, 1 pressure sensor, 1 sound trigger, 3 wire, 1 branch, 1 codeBit, 1 bargraph, 1 servo, 1 speaker and 1LED matrix. A detailed Quick Start Guide with 4 default games and inventions.
  • The Code Bit is programmable by the Code Kit App, littleBits’ programming software designed specifically for the Code Kit. Students can write commands on classroom computers and upload it into the Code Kit to coordinate other Bits to perform various functions. The LED matrix is a monitor with 8*8 individual RGB LEDs. Students can customize it to display animations and images in its SERIAL Mode.
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