The Hong Kong Product Design Makeathon 2017-2018- Briefing Section

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29 Sep 2017, Fri

The briefing section of The Hong Kong Product Design Makeathon 2017-2018, organized by the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, was successfully held on Saturday (23rd Sept). Over 100 primary and secondary schools enrolled in the day, with the participation of about 250 teachers and students. The specific and detailed arrangements for this competition, including the method of registration and the deadline of submission, were also announced.

According to the introduction by the event organizer Dr.Lo, professional technical advice and guidance to the team will be provided. Mentors of university students in each team also promise to assist students with the use of different university laboratory equipment for product work. Participants are anticipated to have more in-depth understanding of product design theory, which can be practiced out in their daily live. Creativity and talent of products design can thus be provoked during this competition.

The theme of this year is Smart Home, Wearable Technology, Healthcare and Recovery Product. It is hoped that students can think more about how science and technology can help them build a better place to live in. If you would like to know the details of the competition or to register for the competition, please visit the official website:

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