Hong Kong PolyU ISE organized Summer Camp for Creative Product Design and 3D Printing

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26 Aug 2014, Tue

5th Aug 2014, Hong Kong - The Industrial and System Engineering Department of Hong Kong Polytechnic University organized “PolyU Engineering Summer Camp 2014”. This camp is aimed to encourage teenager to design some creative product and enhance their hands on ability.

The Summer Camp had 8 projects, such as 3D Printing and Product Design, Amphibious Solar Vehicle, etc. Participant needed to vote for the best work between 8 projects, and the winner would have a chance to exhibit their design.

Elected to be championship team was a group of S4 students that focused on 3D Printing and Product Design project. They used 3D printer to make a USB memory stick that has a theme of dream. Some student said this camp assisted him to decide his future career path and inspire his creativity on product design. Undoubtedly, the Summer Camp allowed the teenager to understand more about the 3D printing technologies and its related applications.

This summer camp was held in the Ng Tat Lun Digital Factory of the PolyU ISE Department. All desktop grade 3D printers and 3D scanning solution in this facility were provided and supported by DTSL.



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