DTSL cooperates with Tai Ping Shan Junior Chamber to launch JCInspiration 3D Printing Program

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09 Aug 2014, Sat

Hong Kong, 9th Aug 2014 - JCInspiration 3D Printing Program has been launched on 9th Aug 2014 in Hong Kong Art Center. DTSL is the strategic partner of Tai Ping Shan Junior Chamber who participates into the planning and organization for this program. DTSL was invited to be the speaker of the opening ceremony and shared how to apply 3D technologies into daily life and education.

3D Printing Inspiration Program is aimed to promote 3D technologies, such as 3D printing and 3D Scanning, which can improve the children hands on ability and encourage people to think out of the box. In order to inspire people to create more unique 3D model and enhance the popularity of 3D technologies, DTSL will cooperate with Tai Ping Shan Junior Chamber to hold 3D Printing Workshops.

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