DTSL 3D Workshop X My Innovation Carnival 2015

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21 Jul 2015, Tue

Hong Kong, 19th July, 2015

DTSL participated in My Innovation Carnival 2015 – 3D Printing Fantasy, which is a two-day event held from 18th July to 19th July in Cyberport. DTSL illustrated different models of 3D printer, including FSL3D Pegasus Touch 3D Printer, Tiertime UP BOX Professional 3D Printer and Tinkerine DITTO PRO 3D Printer etc. Apart from 3D Printers, DTSL displayed Structure Sensor and provide free 3D scanning for visitors.

Apart from displaying 3D printers and scanners, DTSL organized several 3D design workshops as well. Participants created their 3D designs on a tablet by using Maker Empire. Many participants indicated that 3D printing technology is much easier to use and popularized than they expected.

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