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After receiving enough advice for the teaching schedule and content that is tailor to student's need, the schools may have to start considering how to purchase relevant equipment for STEM education.

Due to the fact that DTSL has tight connections with many technological companies and factories and technological updated information, it is advantageous for DTSL to provide the best products for all of the teachers. If you want to know more about our offers, please do not hesitate to visit our Store.3D printing, scanning and laser cutting are important elements for CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) implementation. 3D printing and laser cutting allow student to produce products with ease and creates less waste. Relative to the traditional design and technology which requires actual cutting of plastics and wood materials, 3D printing and laser cutting are more economical and accurate.

LittleBits electronics provides a learning platform with low entry barriers. littleBits are easy to use and safe electronic blocks that snaps together to build different types of circuits and devices. littleBits can also be used to build IOT and different smart home devices. Our students will be involved to design a full solution for different real life situations from start to end. This process trains students’ innovation and problem solving skills, which will be beneficial for their later development.

DTSL also provides professional consultation for schools who would like to implement 3D printing, scanning and laser cutting solutions for their current DT work shop.


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