Boson Starter Kit for Micro:bit

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Boson Starter Kit
Boson Starter Kit for Micro:bit

• Designed for micro:bit
• 8 most popular electronic modules with tutorial
• Compatible with Lego, screws, Velcro, magnets and more
• Module Input/output Voltage: 3.3V
• Maximum Current: 500mA
• MicroUSB Power Port Voltage:5V
• Working temperature: 0-60 ℃
• package size: 250*190*57 mm/ 9.84 * 7.5 *2.24 inches
• Weight: 492g

  • Boson starter kit for micro:bit includes 8 well selected modules, covering most popular digital and analog sensors and actuators, supporting sound, light and motion interaction. Modules communicates to micro: bit via 3-Pin interface and are perfectly compatible with Microsoft MakeCode JavaScript online Editor and Python Editor.
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