DTSL X Leung Sing Tak College [STEM Education Workshop]

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21 May 2016, Sat

21st May, 2016

DTSL had recently set up the SMART LAB for Leung Sing Tak College for the school to implement STEM education into their curriculum. LSTC is equipped with 3D printing solutions and littleBits’ workshop set.

Over 15 schools and 40 teachers participated in the workshop to learn about the possibilities of implementing STEM education in primary schools with 3D printing solutions and littleBits electronics.

Mr. Chan from LSTC generously share his experience from applying funds to installing the DTSL’s solutions on how to provide high quality STEM education with a limited budget. During the session, teaching experience and in class activities were shared. After discussions among teachers and trainers from DTSL, it is concluded that littleBits were suitable for primary schools and junior secondary school students as they are easy to use and safe. Teachers were satisfied and intrigued by the amount and quantities of littleBits projects and teaching materials available on their open source community.

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