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21 Jun 2014, Sat

Hong Kong, 21 June 2014 - Hong Kong Design Institute was collaborated with DTSL to hold a Desktop 3D Printing Workshop on 21 June 2014. This event was co-organized by DTSL and HKDI- the member of VTC group, which provides curriculum on design and technology. DTSL was a provider of different 3D printers to assist the desktop 3D printing workshop, so the participant could make their own work. The purpose of this workshop was expressed an idea that 3D printing technology is not difficult to handle as before and introduced the latest 3D printers.

During the event, the participants learnt how to create a 3D name badge and allowed to print it out, which provided an opportunity for them to understand the 3D printing technology. Also, DTSL offered a chance for visitors to do 3D scanning and made their own 3D figures. People were excited to try this new technology and showed their interest on 3D printing. Beside, some creative 3D printed figures were exhibited to illustrate how superior of 3D printer.

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