DTSL and Makers Empire make it easy for Hong Kong to design and 3D print

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05 Sep 2014, Fri

5th Sept 2014, Hong Kong - DTSL and Makers Empire will together bring the Makers Empire easy to use 3D design tablet software for 3D printing to Hong Kong.

DTSL is one of Hong Kong’s premier 3D printing solution providers and plays a leading role working in collaboration with members of the Hong Kong community such as the Hong Kong Design Institute, Association of I.T. Leaders in Education, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Tai Ping Shan Junior Chamber and Baptist Rainbow Primary School.

DTSL and Makers Empire will provide consumers and schools in Hong Kong, Makers Empire easy to use 3D design software for tablets, lesson plans and teacher’s portal for primary schools combined with DTSL’s superior range of 3D printer solutions. This means the next generation in Hong Kong will now be able to easily design on their favourite tablet device and then print it out on their 3D printer with expert support from DTSL.

“DTSL is a regional leader in 3D printing in Asia and Makers Empire is excited that together we will enable any consumers and schools in Hong Kong to experience the magic of design and 3D printing without the need to learn CAD or have technical expertise” Makers Empire CEO, Jon Soong said, “We are delighted to help continue Hong Kong’s innovative and entrepreneurial history through developing their design and 3D printing skills.”

“Our partnership with Makers Empire has further strengthened our edge in the 3D printing industry. Makers Empire is attractive for youngsters to learn and pick up the 3D modeling skills. It enables us to provide a complete 3D printing solution to both education and the fast growing consumer markets.” said Jack Wu, DTSL Business Director.

About Makers Empire
Makers Empire 3D design software is a fun and easy way to make in 3D. Integrated with a complete learning program, our software inspires kids with the possibilities of creativity and innovation using 3D printing. We bring the fun, excitement and engagement of easily designing & printing in 3D to prepare our kids for the jobs of tomorrow.
Ready to prepare children for the future?
e-mail us at info@makersempire.com

About DTSL
DTSL is a leading 3D printing solution provider in Hong Kong who provides a full suite of 3D printing and scanning solutions for designers, architects, students and hobbyists to enable them to see, hold and test their ideas in real space. With a variety of products and solutions ranging from entry-level to professional grade, end-users can experience the latest cutting-edge technologies and unleash their unlimited creativity. DTSL also offer professional and tailor-made technical consultancy, hassle-free post-sales support and 3D printing service to various industries, including higher education, K12, design and manufacturing.

Further information:
Lap Leung on +61 402 036 966 / info@makersempire.com
Jack Wu on +852 3160 8443 / info@dtsl.asia

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