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Ultimaker S3

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31.00 KGS
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The Ultimaker S3 is a dual extrusion 3D printer that delivershigh-quality, composite-ready performance – in a smallerfootprint. Packed with our latest technology, the Ultimaker S3 isas easy to use as it is powerful, o ering the most cost-e ectiveway for disruptive businesses to adopt in-house 3D printing.


Active bed leveling ensures great adhesion for every print,while sensors constantly monitor material flow while printing.



 icon001.pngAdvanced a ctive leveling

Reliable first-layer adhersion, enables unattended use

 icon002.pngFlow sensor

Stay informed when filament runs out to increase print success

icon003.pngEasy setup and monitoring

With NFC material recognitionand internal camera

 icon004.pngNetwork connectivity

Print via Wi-Fi, LAN, cloud,or with USB




Print head
Dual-extrusion print head with a unique auto-nozzle lifting system andswappable print cores
Build volume (XYZ)
230 x 190 x 200 mm 
Layer resolution
0.25 mm nozzle: 150 - 60 micron0.4 mm nozzle: 200 - 20 micron0.6 mm nozzle: 300 - 20 micron0.8 mm nozzle: 600 - 20 micron
XYZ resolution
6.9, 6.9, 2.5 micron
Build speed
< 24 mm 3/s
Build plate
Heated glass build plate (20 - 140 °C)

Wi-Fi, LAN, USB port

394 x 489 x 637 mm
Supported OS

MacOS, Windows, and Linux