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Tiertime X5 3D Printer

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The X5 Continuous 3D Printer is a breakthrough in 3D printing, designed from the ground up for low-volume manufacturing.

Capable of automatically feeding up to 9 plates onto its build bed and reloading during printing, it provides a continuous 3D printing experience.


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Auto-Swapping Build Plate

Build Plate Vault

Tiertime Print Queue

Dual Filtration System

Loading fresh print plates onto the build bed after the previous print job is complete. Housing nine build plates with one 3D Printer  Multiple users to stack print jobs into a queue, accessible from the printer’s touchscreen and from software.

HEPA and activated carbon filters radically reducing toxic UFP and VOC emissions.





Printing technology MEM (Melted Extrusion Modelling)
Nozzle diameter 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm
Extruder maximum temperature 299℃
Extruder maximum travel speed 200mm/sec
XYZ accuracy 2,2.5 micron
Connectivity USB cable, Wi-Fi, LAN and USB Stick
Touch screen 7" Full Colored LCD Screen
Build volume 180×230×200 mm(7.1"x 9.1"x 7.9")(XYZ)
Printed object accuracy 0.05/0.1/0.15/0.2/0.25/0.3/0.35/0.4 mm
Build plate maximum temperature 100℃
Calibration and leveling Manual Calibration and leveling
Build plate surface UP Perf, Heated
Filament UP Fila ABS,ABS +,PLA,TPU and more
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Supported OS Platform Windows 7(SP1)or higher(32-bit or 64-bit)Mac OS 10.10
Dimension 850x625x520 mm
Weight 52 kg


 Product Leaflet

Tiertime UP X5 3D Printer Product Leaflet

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