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STEM Education Solutions

DTSL offers systematic solutions for custom applications, project implementation, testing and validation. With rich consultation experience of connecting the STEM education to former subjects, DTSL understands the difficulty of developing teaching materials, which are tailored to student's needs. Having applied LittleBits into the Chemistry and Integrated Science, students can have a better understanding of the engineering knowledge. Such approach differs from conventional practices, it is more interesting and attractive.

Understanding that difficulty in implementing STEM education varies between schools, DTSL has developed a series of STEM solutions. Schools can simply choose the most suitable ones. According to the need of different schools, we offer more than just in-class STEM education, but also extra-curricular activities, parent-student activities, STEM Day and Staff Development Day. STEM education can be relevant to diversified subjects including Liberal Studies, Computer Science and Mathematics. If you are interested to know more about STEM education, please feel free to contact us.