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Advanced Course: Science Stream (Adult)

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With the backdrop of government support, STEM education is gaining popularity among educational institutions. Among four elements, S (Science) plays an indispensable role in developing pupils’ interest in scientific investigation, with an ultimate goal to perform such inspections in daily life. To equip teachers with relevant skills, DTSL and the HKFYG co-organize an advanced training course (science stream). The course features programming and product designs that foster in cross-subject learning. Activities are designed and used for science and liberal studies among secondary and primary schools.
3D printers and laser cutters will be provided for instant production, every student should receive their work by the end of the course. Meanwhile, notebook computers, littleBits, Micro:bit, sensors, arduino and droid will be available, students can practice programming skills learned at once. Swift Playground is supported by iPad for programming function. For further information and enrollment, please visit the HKFYG’s website, or contact DTSL (telephone: 3160 8443).


  • Integration of STEM and Scientific Investigation
  • Programming on sensors and Arduino
  • PH Value, water turbidity and TDS sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • MQ gases and air pressure sensors
  • Advanced programming techniques
  • Drone programming
  • Integration of littleBits and Microbit programming
  • littleBits R2D2 droid and Apple Swift Playground programming
  • Activity design and implementation
  • Design of product by laser cutters and 3D printers