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Elementary Course (Adult)

DTSL | 青協 合辦 | STEM教學 | 老師專業發展|培訓課程


In recent years, the Education Bureau is proactive in nurturing students’ interests engineering and technological, thus stresses the importance of STEM Education in secondary schools and primary schools. Even so, many teachers might be unfamiliar and inexperienced, they may find it difficult to start STEM Education. In order to assist fellow educators, DTSL co-operates with HKFYG in organizing Elementary STEM workshops. Professional instructors will demonstrate and guide teachers in practical uses of equipment. Having collaborated with subject knowledge and technical skills, such as 3D printing, electronic circuit, programming and product development, students can organize and practice STEM knowledge, hence enhance their creativity, communication and problem-solving skills. 3D printers, laser cutters, embroideries and 3D pens are available for demonstration. Upon completion of the elementary course, students may take advanced courses, hence gain an in-depth understanding of STEM education on Science and Visual Art. For further information and enrolment, please visit the HKFYG’s website, or contact DTSL (telephone: 3160 8443).


  • Sharing on STEM experience in K12 classrooms
  • Linkage with existing subjects
  • Matching with students’ learning interests
  • Choices of STEM teaching kit and equipment
  • Design of STEM products and application to subject content
  • Participation of STEM activities and competitions
  • Introduction and exploration activities to key topics on STEM education
  • Sketching skills on 3D printing and laser cutting
  • Design of electronic circuits (combination of littleBits, Micro:bit and sensors)
  • Programming skills (C++, Scratch and App Inventor 2)
  • Introduction to STEM appliances and their functions (Including 3D printers, laser cutters, embroideries, 3D pen, etc.)