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STEM CNY Day-camp (Children)

DTSL | 青協 合辦 | STEM 課程 | 兒童新春訓練營


 Have you ever thought of simple and user-friendly STEM technologies for children? STEM equipment is evolving in a quick manner, DTSL co-operates with HKFYG in organizing Youth STEM Training Camp. Training camp involves several popular aspects of STEM education, including droid and quadcopter programming, 3D printing and scanning. Students can experience the latest STEM teaching appliances, including 3D printers, laser cutters, cutting machines, electronic blocks, quadcopters and so on. 3D printers, laser cutters, embroideries and 3D pens are provided for demonstration.

Students may let their creative juices flow during the camp, they can create any kind of STEM art pieces. Laser Cutter light boxes, nametags, 3D handcraft, or you name it! For further information and enrollment, please visit the HKFYG’s website, or contact DTSL (telephone: 3160 8443).


Chapter 1
  • Application of 3D Printers
  • Application of 3D Scanners and Wacom stylus in drawing 2D and 3D diagrams
  • Application laser cutters in cutting and engraving
  • Construction of 3D model by 2D drawing design
  • Making of products by laser cutters
Chapter 2
  • Programming of quadcopter(drone)
  • Programming of Vortex and competition on racing
Chapter 3
  • Programming of littleBits electronic blocks and Micro:bit
  • Programming of R2D2 robot and Apple Swift Playground
  • Making of products Brother embroideries
  • Use of 3D pens