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Promote STEM culture

Hong Kong Product Design Makeathon

At last, we hold a firm belief that students should receive STEM education at the earlier stage of their studies, which is the most advantageous timing. We, therefore, organise various STEM competitions or events, students could show what they have learnt from the lessons. These events also act as promotion campaigns to share the contribution that STEM education can bring to the future.

Since 2016, DTSL has started working with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and held Hong Kong Product Design Makeathon 2016-17 and 2017-18. The theme of this year is Smart Home, Wearable Technology, Healthcare and Recovery Product. It is hoped that students can think more about how science and technology can help them build a better place to live in. Mentors of university students in each team also promise to assist students with the use of university laboratory equipment for product testing. Participants are anticipated to have more in-depth understanding of product design theory, which can be practiced in their daily live. Creativity and talent of products design can thus be provoked during this competition. What we finally aim at is to increase the motivation of students to participate more in STEM spontaneously.