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Teacher's professional development

DTSL STEM Teacher Professional Development

To attain sustainable development, DTSL is responsible for training and development of teachers. It is understood that teachers may lack knowledge or experience in STEM education. Our experienced staffs, therefore, are pleased to share teaching experience, and facilitate a better understanding in the usage of 3D Printer, programming and product design.

Currently, we are cooperating with the HKFYA and organising courses which aims at providing information for STEM educators. The content includes 3D Printing, LittleBits, C++, Scratch Programming and App Inventor, Product Design etc. Through the close connection with DTSL, teachers who joined the courses will understand the possibility to apply STEM into the former subjects and the detailed information of how to use the high-tech products for STEM education. Moreover, DTSL will also provide staff training on the Teacher Development Days.