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In DTSL, we provide a well-structured STEM education model that utilizes 3D printing, 3D scanning, littleBits and CAD CAM softwares. We see the importance and benefits of STEM education and we believe that it could be implemented with our technologies as they are suitable for primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong.

DTSL has developed more than 100 hours of teaching materials. We provide customized courses and training materials for local primary and secondary schools. In particular, how to utilize STEM to achieve interdisciplinary learning, help students enhance learning interest in different subjects, including science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and other subjects.


  • More than 100 hours teaching contents
  • Customizable training materials
  • Interdisciplinary learning – enhance students’ interest
  • Onsite training support

First Step: Connecting STEM teaching into the former subjects

  • With the rich consultation experience of connect the STEM education into the former subjects, DTSL understand the difficulty of setting teaching materials tailoring to student's needs. We tried to apply LittleBits into the Chemistry and Integrated Science subjects. This acts can not only allow the students to have a better understanding of the engineering knowledge, but also perform a totally different approach to students, that is more interesting and attractive for them to learn and absorb the knowledge written in the textbook.

Second Step: Tailoring to student's need

  • Based on the need and interest of different students, DTSL will provide interesting courses and teaching material that tailor to their need. What we would like to achieve is not only teaching them the content on textbook, but attracting them with charming hi-tech technology.

Third Step: Providing teaching material and equipment for STEM education

  • After receiving enough advice for the teaching schedule and content that is tailor to student's need, the schools may have to start considering how to purchase relevant equipment for STEM education. Due to the fact that DTSL has tight connections with many technological companies and factories and technological updated information, it is advantageous for DTSL to provide the best products for all of the teachers. If you want to know more about our offers, please do not hesitate to visit our Store.

Fourth Step:Professional STEM training for teacher

  • In order to attain sustainable development, DTSL has sent our professional teaching staffs to different schools for training the teachers. We understand that teachers may be lack of enough knowledge or experience in STEM education, therefore, it is our great pleasure to share our teaching experience to help them have a better understanding in the usage of 3D Printer, programing and product design.

Final Step: Promoting the STEM education

  • At last, as it is believed that allowing students to receive STEM education when they are young will be very advantageous for them, we have organized different kinds of STEM competition or events, providing the platform for the students to show what they have got from the lessons. Those events can also act as promotion campaigns to promote the contribution that STEM education can bring to the future.
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